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Is golf too difficult and inaccessible to most?

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What I mean is that with the price of clubs, greens fees, range balls, etc. constantly increasing, the golf courses and golf companies are nearly making it impossible for people of average means to get involved in the sport.    Golf isn’t supposed to be a game reserved only for the rich.  Combine that with how difficult the game really is, and it’s a lose/lose combination for newcomers to the game.  My feeling is that most new golfers don’t have the time, patience, dedication or funds to really embrace the sport.  I know that not everyone is going to start playing at age 3 and dedicate their lives to the game.  But is “Golf”, just too imposing of a sport now that the game itself scares off those who might be interested int taking up the game?

Should the major golf manufacturers price entry level clubs so just about anyone could afford a set?

Are golf courses only catering to the better players..who have lots of money?

Should there be courses that are shorter, with bigger holes (cups) so beginners can learn the basics without being demoralized at how penal a normal, full sized course can be?

Playing devils’ advocate, do we really want a bunch more newbies out there on the public courses, hacking away, making the average weekend round 6+ hours?

Not sure of the correct answers to these questions, or if they’re even legitimate questions at all.  I’m curious to hear your take on this?